6 Zoom's Alternative Online Meeting Applications

6 Zoom's Alternative Online Meeting Applications

Zoom teleconferencing application which is one of the applications for remote conference choice. Zoom's popularity has skyrocketed since various countries in the world impose restrictions, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Including in India, Zoom is an alternative employee working from home, by holding meetings / online meetings. 

However, Zoom was hit by a security issue, because it was later known that the application did not have end-to-end encryption. This allows messages or information conveyed through Zoom to be potentially stolen or intercepted by hackers. Several institutions began to limit the use of Zoom. So, in addition to Zoom, what other applications can be used to conduct online meetings or teleconferences, during work from home (working from home)? Here are 6 Zoom's alternative Online Meeting Applications.

1. Whatsapp

Besides being able to be used for chatting, this application can also be used for work meetings or remote discussions. You can use this video call feature with a maximum capacity of 4 people. WhatsApp can be downloaded on the Google Play Store (Android), or on the App Store (iOS).

2. Google Hangouts Meet

Google's online conversation application can make video calls with 250 users at once in a video call.

This application is also equipped with several Google features, such as being able to display captions automatically with text-to-speech technology, and meeting schedules that are integrated with Google Calendar. If you want to invite other people to join outside the video members, the organizer of the video conversation is enough to share the meeting code with others and that person can enter the meeting by entering the meeting code that has been given. 

Android version of Google Meet can be downloaded From the Google Playstore. While the iOS version can be downloaded from the Ios store. Users can also use the Hangouts Meet application via the website.

3. Skype

Skype is a Microsoft-owned application that can accommodate 25 people to meet online in one call. Skype can be accessed through a variety of devices, including computers (PCs or laptops), smartphones, to televisions that have supporting facilities. 

Besides being able to make long-distance video calls, Skype also provides text-based conversation media individually or in groups. Skype also supports paid voice calling services to mobile and landline numbers.

4. Facetime

The Facetime application is an Apple product that can only be used on all apple products such as the iPhone, iPand, and Pod Touch. Facetime is claimed to be able to accommodate up to 32 people in one video call.

This application can use the front camera or rear camera to show an object to the participants in the video call group. For those of you who have Apple devices, you can download it via the Apple Store.

5. Slack

It is a group-based conversation application that can be used to communicate. Usually this application is used by a group of companies or a team. This application can be used to share documents and video calls with up to 15 people in one call. 

Slack versions of Android can be downloaded From the Google Playstore. While the iOS version can be downloaded ios App Store.

6. Cisco Webex

This application may look unfamiliar to you, but it is often used by a number of large companies on the Fortune 500 list. This video call based application has a maximum number of call participants up to 100 people. However, this amount varies depending on what subscription package is used.

Features in the Cisco Webex application include screen sharing, Google Assistant and Google Home Hub support, virtual board features for drawing, document uploading features, to features for recording video conversations. Android users can download Cisco Webex From Google Playstore, while iOS users can get it From the ios App Store.

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