10 mobile games to have fun with family and friends during the quarantine

In mid-2008, when the first iPhone hit the market, the world finally stopped to devote more attention to mobile games.

10 mobile games to have fun with family and friends during the quarantine

Finally we left behind the era of Java applications, downloaded via WAP connection and with pixelated visuals, entering a more defined era, even rivaling the console experience.

At that time, however, there was still the stigma that playing on your cell phone was the same as playing alone. 

Today, fortunately, that no longer exists: with a huge volume of games of various genres offering online or local multiplayer connections.

we even have electronic sports leagues centered on mobile gambling. Thinking about it, Canaltech brought 10 mobile games for you to have fun with friends or family during the quarantine.

1. AdventureQuest 3D ( Android / iOS / Steam )

If you like MMORPGs, then the recent AdventureQuest 3D may be a good choice for you. It features all the elements of a common massive online game, with hundreds of missions, combat classes, raids, and the complete package. What makes it interesting is the fact that, since its arrival, it is totally friendly to the cross-platform, that is, while you play on the smartphone screen, a friend or relative can play the same game on the PC, adding a company in your adventure.

2. Zooba ( Android / iOS )

The Zooba already figured in some list, just to have a simple premise that facilitates online gambling: you choose one of several animals in a zoo, gun it with up to three different items, and goes to war. 

knocking down guards and other animals in search of being the “big guy of the tour”. Entirely online, Zooba facilitates the creation of closed matches and even has a doubles play feature, with you and a partner joining forces against other players.

3. Call of Duty Mobile ( Android / iOS )

This needs no introduction, right? One of the biggest successes not only in the Activision portfolio but also in the entire history of mobile games.

This version of Call of Duty is only tiny in relation to the screen because the games owe nothing to what you see on the consoles. 

A wide variety of weapons and tactics are present, allowing you, along with your team (which can be in a direct match from the lobby or a closed room with your friends and relatives), to develop very advanced strategies to beat your opponents.

4. GWENT: A Witcher Card Game ( Android / iOS) 

GWENT has been on the market for some time, but it was only in April that it came to Android, effectively having a presence on all platforms, from smartphones, through consoles, and going to the PC, where it debuted. 

Here, you face matches in a 3D animated card game, based on the entire canon of the Witcher franchise. The most interesting thing is that this game totally loathes the pay to win concept, so there are no microtransactions here, just technical and strategic skills online.

5. All SuperCell games

SuperCell is a developer known to mobile enthusiasts, serving as the home of iconic titles such as Clash of Clans ( Android / iOS ), Boom Beach ( Android / iOS ), and Clash Royale ( Android / iOS ).

The first two are strategy games, with one focused on the Tower Defense genre (you have a base and must defend it while advancing to the enemy base), and the second more focused on strategic combat. 

Already Clash Royale is a card dueling game with the methodology not much different from Hearthstone or Gwent.

6. Vain Glory ( Android / iOS )

If you’re a fan of the MOBA genre, but League of Legends isn’t your thing, maybe Vain Glory will do you more justice.

It’s a game where you join forces with two other partners, navigating a map, collecting items and enhancements while unlocking up to 30 playable characters, each with specific skills. 

As always, the goal is to destroy the enemy base or eliminate all opposition from the map, but as with any MOBA, progression requires a little bit of strategy and joint adaptability between you and your friends.

7. One ( Android / iOS )

The classic destroyer of friendships and family relationships also has a mobile version, not unlike table cards. 

Following the premise of gathering friends and family, the environment is now a closed virtual room, created by you so that only yours can enjoy the match. 

It's just not worth turning the tables angry when you lose, okay?

8. Badland ( Android / iOS )

Here we have a game that brings a simple premise: taking advantage of the mechanics of the platform genre, you control creatures that must traverse the scenario in lateral progression while avoiding attacks by bats and other monsters. 

Is it possible to play Badland alone? Yes, but it gets a lot more fun - and a lot more challenging, since the more people, the more enemies - among your friends and family.

9. Heads Up ( Android / iOS )

Do you know when, in the past, smartphone enthusiasts used to say “There's an app for that”? 

Well, Heads Up is, essentially, the “mobile game” version for that party where you have a name, person, object, animal, or any other word nailed to your forehead, and it's your duty to guess what it is about. 

Best of all, it only requires one device, so your friends won't even need to download the app to play with you. The game became so popular that it even became part of a frame on the show of comedian and host Ellen DeGeneres in the USA.

10. Jenga: Balanced Tower AR ( Android / iOS )

The classic building destroyer, Jenga is an old acquaintance of the physical universe of children's toys but has already had several readings and interpretations (there is even “Jenga B√™bado”, believe it or not…), and now there is also a version for a smartphone. 

The objective is the same: a building built with wooden bricks has to stand while the players in the match move brick by brick. Whoever drops everything loses.


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