PUBG Mobile update 0.18.0 Brings These New Features

PUBG Mobile Update 0.18.0, In addition to an unprecedented version of one of the fan-favorite maps, the update includes new weapons, Achievements, events, and the arrival of Royale Pass Season 13.

 PUBG Mobile update 0.18.0 Brings These New Features

After weeks of Morse code tracks on social media and a mysterious sandstorm in full play,  PUBG MOBILE  launches the long-awaited update 0.18.0, which gives Miramar's desert map a new look and brings advanced options for viewing results from games, AG currency, weapons, Achievements and more. In addition, the update marks the approach of the Royale Pass Season 13, which will be released next Wednesday (13th May).

Weeks ago, strange symbols began to appear on the official PUBG MOBILE images on Twitter and Instagram, which community members deftly decoded as “New Maps”. Within the game, a sandstorm enveloped Miramar.

Besides new housing areas, roads and resources, urban ruins and an oasis have been added. Players can also test their driving skills on the new race track with the unprecedented Golden Mirado vehicle or quickly collect energy drinks and painkillers from vending machines.

In addition to the changes mentioned above, the new updates also include:

  • Persistent sandstorm effects  - There will be a chance that areas in both Miramar and the main menu will be hit by random sandstorms;
  • New Achievements  - A new series of challenges for players to test their skills on the updated map;
  • Special Events  - Players can participate in new Miramar events to earn exclusive rewards, in addition to additional Achievements for other game modes;
  • Main menu theme  - The main menu has been updated to the Miramar theme;
  • New P90 gun  - Equipped with 9 mm cartridges and a standard 50-shot compartment, the P90 offers single-shot, burst or fully automatic fire modes and can be equipped with all SMG accessories;
  • Slanted views  - Almost all weapons can now be equipped with new slanted sights;
  • Various improvements  - Improvements in "Play another game", Death Replay, Settings, Team Invite option, LIKE feature, Character Creation, Combat in Classic Mode, Balancing firearms, weapons and accessories, Season Summary, Brothers in System Arms and Download Options.

As for new content, the huge PUBG Moblie Update 0.18.0 brings news such as:

Royale Pass Season 13 (available on May 13)
With a toy theme, in season 13 you have the choice between Captain Hawk level 50 and Fire Ranger level 50. The new Royale Pass includes a level 100 Ultra equipment Defender and Puppet Agent, which have three ways to combine. Minor bugs have been removed and improved tutorial guides for Royale Pass Season 13.

Weapon finishes (coming soon)
Players can now change color, patterns and get badges to customize their weapons. With the new badge editor, you can overlay basic images and shapes to create custom badges. Graphite can also be exchanged for adhesives and applied to weapons as a finish.

Cheer Park
In this new social area, up to 20 players can interact in real-time, with various resources from the basic training areas. At Cheer Park, you can view information from other players, interact with emotes, add friends, and even enjoy a roast chicken dinner together.

New results screen user interface
In Classic Mode, the results screen has been updated with a new “Detailed Results” screen. Now, players can inspect their game statistics and compare them to statistics from friends of the same level. There are also five ranking criteria on the results screen to change the ranking system and the view.

AG currency
From now on, all Silver rewards will be replaced by the new AG currency (AceGold), not including events started before the update. The UC price of most items in the Store has been changed to AG. Likewise, Royale Pass UC rewards now offer 30 UC or 400 AG in each corresponding rating. UC can now also be used to compensate for small differences when players do not have enough crates for crates.

More information will be released soon about upcoming  PUBG MOBILE features, including the Jungle Adventure Guide, Bluehole Mode on EvoGround, and more.

PUBG MOBILE players can also take advantage of  Midas Buy, an official channel for purchasing Unknown Cash and Season Passes. Midas Buy brings a UC bonus on any purchase and now accepts several forms of payment such as credit card, debit card, and bank transfer, all with security guaranteed by  Hype Games, a Level Up service.

PUBG Mobile Update 0.18.0  can be downloaded for free from the  App Store and  Google Play.

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