Samsung Galaxy Note 20: release, features, price, and rumors

The successors to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 family would arrive in the second half of the year at an online event - due to the pandemic.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20: release, features, price, and rumors
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The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is rumored to arrive with a 120Hz screen, with fewer bezels and, surely, a front camera integrated inside the screen.

The Galaxy Note 20 (or Galaxy Note 11, if it ever gets that name) would be Samsung's next flagship phone slated to conquer the market in the second half of 2020.

The Galaxy Note 20 will likely be accompanied by the Galaxy Fold 2, as was the case with the Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 with the Galaxy Z Flip in the first half of 2020.

Few months before the launch of the Galaxy Note 20, there are some rumors that are compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus that was presented in 2019.

There are already many rumors related to this new generation Phone. Here we have collected the main rumors and what is expected at the moment from this Galaxy Note 20 series.

Name: Galaxy Note 20 And not Galaxy Note 11

Samsung just released the Galaxy S20, but at the moment the next eagerly awaited flagship Samsung phone is the Galaxy Note series. 

Although the most normal thing for many would be to expect the next generation of Samsung Note phones to be called Galaxy Note 11, the big bet is that they will be called Galaxy Note 20.

The name or numbering change occurred because Samsung now wants to include the year as a reference for the year when they were launched. 

In this way, this year the Galaxy S20 arrived and next year the Galaxy S21 would arrive. 

Therefore, the most common thing now would be that the new Note devices would assume the same numbering and the Galaxy Note 20 arrives and next year the Galaxy Note 21.

Versions or models: Galaxy Note 20, Note 20 Plus, and Note 20 Ultra?

Because Samsung released two versions of its Note series in 2019, the company is expected to release at least two new versions this year.

The versions would be Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Plus, but with the launch of the S20 Ultra it is expected that Samsung will also decide to launch a third version called Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. 

The latest rumors suggest that Samsung will decide not to launch a Note 20 Ultra, focusing only on two models - which would be the Note 20 and Note 20 Plus. 

Samsung would decide not to launch the Note 20 Ultra to put most of the S20 Ultra's features in the Note 20 Plus, and thus leave a smaller portfolio. 

Note 20 Plus, in case there is no Ultra model, would be the most equipped and with the best specifications - but also the most expensive. 

Launch and availability

The launch of the Galaxy Note 20 would be expected perhaps in the first or second week of August, in the second Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event, since the Galaxy Note 10 was presented on August 7.

Considering that last year said date fell on Wednesday and the previous one, on Thursday, it is possible that the launch of the Galaxy Note 20 will be on August 5 or 6, 2020. 

The event, known as Unpacked, could be broadcast only online and there would be no physical event as such, a change brought about by the health emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

As for availability, as usual, those interested in buying, are expected to be able to buy the Galaxy Note 20 from Friday of the week of the presentation (that is, August 7), at least in presale. 

The Galaxy Note 20 is probably expected to hit stores and be available a few weeks later, perhaps on August 21.

However, due to the coronavirus, it is unknown whether Samsung could be forced to delay the launch of this new generation of flagship phones for a few weeks.


One of the most important trends seen in recent years is that high-end phones have risen their price in each generation.

  • Galaxy Note 8: $ 929
  • Galaxy Note 9: $ 999
  • Galaxy Note 10: $ 949
  • Galaxy Note 10 Plus: $ 1,099

Also, Samsung has already increased the price of its flagship phones this year, as the cheapest Galaxy S20 costs $ 999.

The most logical thing that one can expect is the price of the Galaxy Note 20 to be higher than the previous generation and, the price could start at $ 1,099, to be placed one step higher than S20.

Design and Specifications

There have not been so many leaks or rumors we know about the design of the Galaxy Note 20 and, although there are already some very interesting things that have been leaked.

So far, a cover revealing some design features of the Galaxy Note 20 has been leaked through the Chinese social network Weibo.

The cover shows a very rectangular design, without a traditional headphone jack, and a rectangular camera module - like the one presented on the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The camera module would be very similar to that of the Galaxy S20, integrating a large vertical rectangle.

In addition, the leaks revealed that the power and volume buttons would now be located on the right side edge, a good change for right-handers since in the Galaxy Note 10 the company changed them to the left side.

According to the leaks, these molds would be used to manufacture the LED View Cover that would be sold with these cell phones.

Another important feature could come through the screen since it would not only integrate a screen with a 120Hz update rate with improvements compared to that of the S20, but it could also have the front camera integrated under the screen.

Like the Galaxy S20, at least one of the Note is expected to offer up to 100x zoom, video recording up to 8K, 5G in markets where the network is already available (without being a special model for 5G), Snapdragon 865 or Exynos processor. 990, Android 10 and at least 12GB of RAM.

However, a performance test on GeekBench revealed that the so-called Galaxy Note 20 Plus 5G (SM-N986U) would have 8GB of RAM, the Snapdragon 865 processor and Android 10

The GalaxyClub blog also revealed that Samsung would develop an LTE version (without 5G) that would carry the SM-985F model, intended primarily for the European market and at a lower price.

Likewise, a Samsung patent found by Patently Mobile revealed a much more curved screen than any Samsung cell phone and it has been rumored that it could come in the Galaxy Note 20. 

However, Samsung made the screen of the Galaxy S20 practically flat, so it would be Strange that after reducing the curvature of one cell to the minimum, increase it to the maximum in the other.

Something also interesting is that according to a report from ZDNet, the Galaxy Note 20 could also release the Exynos 992 processor in some markets. 

It should bring a manufacturing architecture of 6nm instead of 7nm, greater efficiency in the battery consumption, and 1 to 3 percent better performance than the Snapdragon 865.

On the other hand, the news is also expected for the S Pen and although there are few rumored specifications here we have some that have been mentioned through the different sources mentioned and some others that we expect.

However, some popular leaks revealed that the Galaxy Note 20 will be practically the same as the Galaxy S20, with the exception of the S Pen. 

This would indicate the same Snapdragon 865 or Exynos 990 processor, 12GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, three or four rear cameras, and a fingerprint reader built into the screen. 

At least the Note 20 Plus would have a new fingerprint reader built into the screen, which would be larger and provide more space for the user to place their finger. 

Camera And Battery

The rear camera is expected to be 108 megapixels, but only on the Galaxy Note 20 Plus, according to the Galaxy Club site. 

The Galaxy Note 20 (base model) would have the same Galaxy S20 battery size (4,000mAh), as revealed by the same Galaxy Club site.

However, a change that would come in the cameras could be the absence of the Time of Flight (ToF) sensor, according to the Korean publication Kipost. 

According to the report, Samsung would decide to eliminate this sensor because they have not taken so much advantage of it and that its plans to bring that class of sensors to the mid-range would also be rejected.

Galaxy Note 20: Features and Specifications

  • Screen: Up to 7 inches
  • Processor: Snapdragon 865, Exynos 990 or Exynos 992
  • RAM: 8GB, 12GB, 16GB
  • Storage: 128 or 256GB of initial storage
  • Operating system: Android 10 (One UI)
  • Cameras: 3 or 4 cameras and 100X digital zoom maximum in at least one version (there is a possibility that they would not include a Flight Time sensor)
  • Fingerprint reader: On-screen
  • Front camera: Under the screen
  • Water resistance: IP68
  • Wireless charging: Yes
  • Reversible wireless charging: Yes
  • MicroSD slot: Yes
  • Traditional headphone jack (3.5mm): No
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