YouTube launches tool that reminds users to go to sleep

The YouTube announced on Wednesday a new function that sends reminders asking users to disconnect at night and have a proper rest. 
YouTube launches tool that reminds users to go to sleep

The target audience of this new resource is precisely those people who are in the habit of watching videos in bed, before going to sleep, and end up going through the night with the screen on.

  • YouTube will notify us when it is time to go to sleep so that we stop watching one video after another.
  • Looking at the mobile screen can disrupt sleep and not let us rest as much as we should.
  • Bedtime Recorders join other tools with which YouTube prevents us from using the app in an addictive way.

These days of lockdown during COVID-19 have greatly disrupted dreams of people. 

We are not leaving the house and spending more and more time on the sofa in front of the mobile or television. At night sleep does not come so easily and boredom can lead us to pick up the mobile again. 

In the absence of sleep, YouTube is a great resource for watching video after video, but it can be a backfire. 

In addition to waking up more depending on the content we are seeing, we are receiving an intense light from our mobile screen that experts say affects sleep and we are not able to get a good night's rest. 

The feature, which has been referred to by Google as “ bedtime reminders ” (“Reminder to sleep”), joins the common rest reminders that YouTube had been issuing since May 2018. 

The difference is that, while older function appeared at various times of the day since it identified an extended connection session, the new tool is specifically intended for nighttime connections.

Despite the fact that Google would like us to be on the internet all day, YouTube does not want to be the cause of the health problems that can arise from not resting well, so it has created an alert. 

The Bedtime Reminders are reminders that it is time for us to turn the phone off and go to bed to sleep. 

"Let's go to bed, it's time to take rest so that tomorrow we can get up early morning." Surely many have read these common words with their corresponding music platforms. 

The YouTube message will not be as creative, but its function is the same, to warn us that bedtime is approaching and to ask us to stop watching videos.

The operation is simple: the user himself makes the time settings through the settings menu on the YouTube mobile app, determining what is the best time to sleep. 

Thereafter, YouTube will set that time as default, sending notifications that the session has passed the previously stipulated time and asking the user to hang up and go to bed.

The “ bedtime reminders ” function, says Google, is available for both Android and iOS, but its availability has been made gradually, so it should be available to everyone in the coming days or weeks.

The time is chosen by us, of course. When this update is applied to our mobile, it will be enough to go to the Configuration menu of the platform and activate the Remember me tool when it is time to go to bed. 

There we can set the time at which, if we have not already fallen asleep, we want YouTube to notify us, to avoid arriving at four at night and continue watching recipe videos. 

The update will arrive in the next few days to all mobiles that use this application. Whether it's Android or iOS, bedtime reminders will gradually roll out across the globe before the end of May. 

Other reminders for the most addicted

In addition to sending us to bed, the application has another series of notices that may help people not spend more time than advisable in front of the mobile application. 

If we see that we spend too many hours watching one video after another, we can trigger a rest reminder. 

The application will notify us from time to time (we choose it) that we have been in front of the screen for too long. The video we are currently watching will stop until we delete the message or take a break.

We can also check the time we spend on YouTube and our habits within the application in a summary of the last 7 days, which can be very useful to know if we are spending and if we should focus on other activities. 
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