Amazon's Honeycode lets you build apps even without a coding history

Amazon introduces a new service known as Honeycode, which makes it possible for Amazon Web Services users and customers to develop their applications without coding background.

Ecommerce giant Amazon has unveiled its new Honeycode service for businesses. It is a software that belongs to Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) through which you can create web or mobile applications without having to program, that is, it does not require writing any type of code.

According to a Business Insider report, the service will be offered free of charge to a maximum of 20 users. After this, customers will have to invest to add more users and storage.

"Many teams try to use simple spreadsheets as a band-aid to manage these tasks, but spreadsheets lack true database-like capabilities to classify and filter data, make collaboration with others difficult, and difficult to use. on mobile devices. " Amazon said in a statement.

This particular service is designed for companies that require building applications for fields such as inventory tracking, content management, event scheduling, and customer relationship management. 

Rather than using spreadsheets to track this data or hiring developers with the coding pool to build these apps, Amazon hopes this will serve as a recommended alternative.

Specifically, Amazon Honeycode is based on a template model with spreadsheets and formulas that allow companies to start developing applications in just a few minutes. The service is already available in beta, so companies can access it to test how it works.

Regarding Honeycode templates, they offer the possibility for companies to customize the application and the changes are applied automatically, according to Amazon in a statement. In principle, companies can start creating their application with blank spreadsheets or by importing data in CSV format.

The applications that are developed through this AWS service provide different varieties of interfaces, including lists, buttons, and fields to fill in, as well as notifications, e-mail subscriptions, surveys, and task lists, among other features.

As mentioned above, Honeycode is still under development but is available to companies that are customers of Amazon Web Services once they sign up. In order for more people to benefit from the new applications, the tool allows a total of 20 people to use the platform for free per customer.

There is no doubt that this solution will further facilitate the digital transformation that is so rare among companies, and which is so necessary for the midst of the health crisis that has arisen.

In addition to creating solutions that improve companies' quality of service, Amazon may be planning to strengthen its Prime Video service, which is mainly known for its content on demand (VOD) offerings,  with live TV, according to a report by  Protocol.

For now, details about what the new live TV services might entail are unknown, although the efforts appear to be in their early stages. Still, Amazon is looking for someone who can  “ redefine the way customers view linear streaming TV content  24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”  

That person will also be assigned the task of “ designing the experience. from beginning to end of how customers discover and watch linear TV content. "

First tests

Slack and SmugMug, an image sharing service, are among the first to use and test how Honeycode works. Now available in Oregon, it comes in more regions and locations worldwide, the report added.

Honeycode's interface is in the form of a spreadsheet, making it easier for everyone to manage app creation, even without formal coding training. The AWS development database powers the back end.

“Customers try to resolve the static nature of spreadsheets by emailing them back and forth, but all email compounds inefficiency because email is slow, does not scale, and introduces version and data sync errors "Added the company.

How to use

The official Amazon website details how to use Honeycode. Users can customize these applications at any time, and these changes will take effect immediately. They can start with empty tables and import data in CSV form.

They can also use built-in tools, triggered by triggers, that generate email alerts and table alterations.

First, create your account on the website. They will then be able to see My Drive, the location where their data is located. Click Create Workbook. Then choose the Simple-to-do template. Then you can see the tasks displayed on your screen.

On the Tasks screen, there is an automation that lets you know which ones are done and which are in progress. 

To create your application from scratch, click Create Workbook and Import CSV File, or choose Start from scratch. Click the Tables icon and create the spreadsheet. To compile the application, click on the Applications icon.

The Automation icon is for time-based automation. Once your app is ready, you can share how to share photos or posts. Click on the Shape app so your entire team can see it.

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