Livik is the latest map to arrive on PUBG Mobile

One of the most popular Battle Royale style games for Android and iOS is without a doubt PUBG Mobile. Now, the platform is receiving a new update, which among some news has a new map for faster games, Livik.

Livik is the latest map to arrive on PUBG Mobile
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The Awaited Map of Livik Can Finally Be Enjoyed

For PUBG Mobile players, it is certainly familiar with the map offered, where in general what is in the PC version, is always offered on mobile devices with some adjustments. But not for this one map that is made specifically for mobile devices only.

As mentioned earlier, the new Livik map was designed for fast games and is exclusive to the mobile platform only. This means that the PC version and consoles will not be entitled to it. 

The map supports only 40 players and is about 2 by 2 kilometers. As the area is small, along with the number of players, the game ends faster, in contrast to Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi.

As game developers report, each game on Livik lasts about 15 minutes. Longer matches are more fun, but there are always times when players want to play quick matches. This is a good option for players who can't get much time to play PUBG Mobile.

The latest map created exclusively for users of mobile devices and is called Livik. Right now it's still not accessible to all players on a public server, because this map is still in the testing phase in beta.

Please note that this map is in accordance with what has been reported some time ago, where the players can feel the combination of all existing maps, such as Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and even Vikendi. The weather and atmosphere of the entire map are present in one Livik folder that can immediately be enjoyed by all players.

Though PUBG Mobile's official Twitter account, @PUBGMOBILE, a link has been given to download the beta version of the popular shoot-out game. 

For those of you who are curious, you can directly copy the source link from the official twitter account and paste it in your browser's new tab.

Some YouTubers have also done a brief review of the new map of this Livik. And it turns out that it's not just the atmosphere that's different, but there are some other special things like new weapons, to new vehicles.

You could say it is more similar to COD Mobile for vehicle problems because it has a very large size. Not an ordinary pick-up, but a monster truck offered in the following game. Then there are MK12 weapons that are more or less like QBU.

So far it is still in beta, and there is no clarity regarding its presence in the public PUBG Mobile. However, it does not rule out the possibility that this new Livik folder will be available in the near future if it is truly ripe.

Livik arrives at PUBG Mobile

Although small, Livik comes with some new features for PUBG Mobile, as it features a volcano, Nordic terrain, hot spring, water, and much more. 

Realistic elements are applied to the game. For example, programmers say that pressure from some streams has the ability to wash people. This also applies to volcanoes.

The announcement of the map was made on the social network Twitter, by the company, and you can see above. If you are enrolled in the beta test program, you can now install the latest map.

Potentially, PUBG Mobile's new Livik map will be available in an update over the next month.

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