6 WhatsApp functions that were inspired by Telegram

WhatsApp and Telegram are competitors and that the second is already conquering its space with the public, everyone knows that.

6 WhatsApp functions that were inspired by Telegram

However, although WhatsApp is, in fact, more famous, this does not mean that the app was never inspired by its rival.

The scenario is, in fact, the opposite: there are several functions of WhatsApp that were inspired by Telegram, known for its practicality. Check out some of them below, out of curiosity.

1. Answers

It was not always possible to respond to a specific message within a WhatsApp group, which often caused confusion in conversations since some messages were more difficult to interpret as being addressed to only one member. 

Telegram anticipated this function in 2015, and it took WhatsApp a year to follow the same steps.

Nowadays, just drag a message to the right to display it just above your reply - which makes group conversations much more organized. 

In addition, together with the reply option, WhatsApp launched the "mention" function, which notifies a specific user in the group - to use it, just put the "@" before the contact's name. This function also already existed in Telegram.

2. Record audio without holding down the button

That WhatsApp allows you to record audio without using your hands (after pressing the button and dragging it upwards), that almost all users know. 

However, few know that this feature was inspired by Telegram - and was launched on the messenger months earlier. The difference is that, in Telegram, the tool was accompanied by the possibility of sending messages by video.

3. Delete messages

The option to delete messages for everyone on WhatsApp received with such enthusiasm by the public, also existed on Telegram. It was released on the app in January 2017.

Currently, Telegram allows, in addition to deleting messages for all contacts, to delete the complete conversation history, without imposing a time limit for this - in WhatsApp, the user has up to 8 minutes to delete messages. 

The feature to delete the complete history of a conversation has not yet arrived on WhatsApp.WhatsApp allows you to delete messages in up to 8 minutes 

4. Stickers

The WhatsApp stickers are still used by messenger users to this day. Launched in 2018, they already existed on Telegram for 3 years before. 

Telegram already has animated stickers, which has already started to be tested in the beta version of WhatsApp, which already has the option of sending GIFs in both individuals and chat conversations. in groups.

5. Automatic audio playback

Amazingly, WhatsApp audios were not always automatically played when sent in sequence. 

This only became possible last year, but it has always been possible on Telegram, which also allows you to check how your recording looked before sending it to a group or contact.

6. A group with messages from just one person

Something that has become very common in WhatsApp is groups where only one person (the administrator) sends messages. 

This function, however, is native to Telegram and only arrived on WhatsApp much later, in 2018.

It is ideal for ad groups and announcements, as it avoids excessive messages and allows multiple people to stay informed at the same time.

7. Bonus: messages that self-destruct?

At the end of 2019, the website WABetaInfo published that the latest version of WhatsApp had released a function that allowed to send self-destructive messages, that is, that they were automatically deleted after a time determined by the user. 

To date, however, the function has not been made available. The fact is that, if it were, it would be another case of WhatsApp inspiration by Telegram, since the second already has this option.

Did you know that there were so many WhatsApp functions inspired by Telegram? Tell us in the comments.
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