Facebook Announces Messenger Rooms, Can Video Call Up to 50 People

Not to be outdone by Zoom, Facebook released a new video conversation product called Messenger Rooms that can accommodate many people in one video conference.

Facebook Announces Messenger Rooms, Can Video Call Up to 50 People

Facebook Announces Messenger Rooms, Can Video Call Up to 50 People. The platform can accommodate video teleconferences for up to 50 people. Messenger Rooms were announced directly by the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, in a live broadcast that was broadcast online.

"The presence of video messages is not new to us. However, it is an area that we want to deepen and it is in accordance with our theme in general," explained Zuckerberg.

The theme in question is the focus to make the messaging feature more private than the public as has been done by Facebook and Instagram. Zuckerberg wants to create features on Facebook and Instagram that help people find their small groups, then communicate more intimately through private messaging platforms like Messenger Rooms.

Messenger Rooms can be accessed through Facebook or the Messenger application. This feature is already available on Facebook in most countries. However, availability in the new Messenger application will roll in the next few weeks.
Later, the organizers of the video conference can determine whether they want to open teleconferencing publicly or want to lock it with only invited participants. Participants who join do not need to have a Facebook account. Just like Zoom or Skype, they can directly join Messenger Rooms via the link sent by the invitee. The organizer or teleconference admin can delete participants at any time and can report participants to Facebook if they are deemed to behave badly.

In Messenger Rooms, users can use AR (augmented reality) filters. You can also change the video background like Zoom. Interestingly, Messenger Rooms have a 360-degree background option that causes 3D effects.

In the future, Rooms will expand to other platforms, namely Instagram Direct, WhatsApp, and Portal. As Zuckerberg said, Facebook will add new features in video messaging.

In addition to releasing Rooms, Facebook Live also has a new feature, Live With. This feature is similar to that already on Instagram, where users can invite other users to broadcast live together. Donation stickers that are already on Instagram will also be available during live broadcasts. This will facilitate fundraising through Facebook Live. Instagram Live also gets an update. Later, users can upload live broadcasts on IGTV or Instagram Story after they have finished holding Live Streaming. Meanwhile, for Portal users, now they can broadcast live on Facebook pages or groups. The portal is hardware that Facebook launched last year. This accessory is connected to the television to do video chatting. 

Zuckerberg also announced that WhatsApp Video Call can accommodate up to eight people. So far, this feature can only accommodate a maximum of four people.
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