Social Networks Trends that brands will adopt this 2021

Social Networks Trends that brands will adopt this 2021

Social networks have become the inseparable companions of many users this year, being the perfect medium to communicate with family members, entertain themselves, discover new products and services, as well as keep up to date with the latest news.

Less is more when it comes to posting on social media

Brands will stop wasting so much time creating a lot of new content for social media and will focus on spending more time designing content to make it quality and value-added. If brands don't have anything new and important to share, they just won't and will post less.

Value crouched in the content will detract from quality in production

Brands have realized that low-quality content from a production perspective can generate a lot of engagement if attention is paid to the content having value. 

The creation of content for social networks has changed from “hi-fi” to “lo-fi” in recent months and the audience has received it with joy.

It is not surprising, since users of social networks have suffered in their own flesh video calls via Zoom and other video conferencing apps and home filming with their mobile phone. If there is genuine value in content, your output doesn't necessarily have to be of high-quality gloss.

Conversational marketing will change the tune

Conversational marketing, which is carried out through messaging on social networks, is expected to change by 2021. 

Brands will no longer focus on promotions and sales, rather they will focus on helping the consumer by providing useful information, relevant and educational about their products, apart from stimulating the conversation with the customer from a more empathetic point of view.

The humanity of the brand will determine its success on social media, so artificial intelligence will remain a good tool as long as it is paired with human interaction.

The video will remain in the foreground

The video format continues to be the content that creates the most interactions on social networks. For this reason, networks such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn are introducing more and more improvements in video capabilities, which the consumer awaits with great anticipation.

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