Xiaomi Officially Released MIUI 12, See What's New

Xiaomi Officially Released MIUI 12, See What's New?

Along with the launch of Mi 10 edition "Youth", Xiaomi also released the latest interface system (UI), MIUI 12 . As the name suggests, MIUI 12 is the successor of MIUI 11 which has been released for a number of Xiaomi phones since last year.  

As a successor, MIUI 12 comes with a number of new features and focus on the design. One of them is the "Dark Mode 2.0" feature which is said to be able to adjust the image ( wallpaper ) and type of writing ( font ) of the phone to the user's environment. For example, if the feature is active at night, the wallpaper will be reduced in brightness so that it is enjoyable to look at. Likewise, the contrasting font will be adjusted automatically when this dark display is being applied.  

Regarding wallpaper, MIUI 12 also has a "Super Wallpaper" feature that users can use to decorate the background of a cellphone with three-dimensional planetary images. Xiaomi also polishes the appearance of icons and improves the quality of animation in several menus to run smoother. 

In addition to design, Xiaomi also embeds the latest MIUI 12 feature called "Sensory Visual Design". This feature allows users to view charts or diagrams related to mobile phones when they browse the settings menu.

For example, if you open the storage menu, then the user will see a diagram that displays detailed use of storage media visually. Similarly, if you browse through the battery menu, about the phone, and so forth. 

Other features include "AI Calling" which can answer phone calls automatically in various languages. There is also a picture-in-picture (PiP) feature for applications, as well as enhanced privacy features to strengthen the mobile security system. 

The latest interface system is planned to be present starting next June in their home country through over-the-air (OTA) updates. Apart from that, here are a number of Xiaomi phones that will get MIUI 12 starting next June in China in several stages.

Nevertheless, it is not certain when MIUI 12 will be released for global users.

Stage 1

 - Xiaomi Mi 10 
- Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro
 - Xiaomi Mi 10 Youth Edition 
- Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G 
- Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition 
- Xiaomi Mi 9 
- Redmi K30 Pro Zoom Edition 
- Redmi K30 Pro 
- Redmi K30 5G 
- Redmi K30 
- Redmi K20 Pro Premium Edition 
- Redmi K20 Pro 
- Redmi K20 

Stage 2 

- Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 
- Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S 
- Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro 
- Xiaomi Mi CC9 
- Xiaomi Mi CC9 Meitu Edition 
- Xiaomi Mi 9 SE 
- Xiaomi Mi 8 Screen Fingerprint Edition 
- Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition 
- Xiaomi Mi 8 
- Redmi Note 8 Pro 
- Redmi Note 7 Pro 
- Redmi Note 7 

Stage 3 

- Xiaomi Mi CC9e 
- Xiaomi Mi Note 3 
- Xiaomi Mi Max 3 
- Xiaomi Mi 8 Youth Edition 
- Xiaomi Mi 8 SE 
- Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 
- Xiaomi Mi 6X 
- Redmi Note 8 
- Redmi 8 
- Redmi 8A 
- Redmi 7 
- Redmi 7A 
- Redmi 6 Pro 
- Redmi 6 
- Redmi 6A 
- Redmi Note 5 
- Redmi S2

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